How do our alumni feel about the program? What were their goals, what have they achieved, what are they up to now?

Stephanie, EVARVEST

"We joined the October 2018 accelerator program run by the Baltic Sandbox. We gained a lot of valuable insights over the 8 weeks which enabled us to be able to refine aspects of our business model and also the way in which we communicate our vision via 3 minute pitch training. There were some mentors that we found more valuable in helping us with our immediate needs in furthering our startup and some we have continued to work with."


"Hi everyone! I'd like to tell you something about our experience with Baltic Sandbox.
We only had traction at one market, when we started and our goals for Baltic Sandbox Acceleration program were:
1. To prepare our strategy for worldwide expansion
2. To find investors
3. To become a part of EU startup community
We have completed our goals and moreover, we've got the feedback and advice from experts about our business processes, marketing, and automatization. We are very happy about our new partner and consider that it was the great decision. Thank you, Sandra, Natalja, Kate, Ieva, Andrius, Dziugas and others!
See you at the Sea!"


"Baltic Sandbox acceleration program was the key to our startup growth.
In two months we gain valuable connections and experience that will be useful for a long time.
We are grateful for Baltic Sandbox organizers for their professional work and experience they gave to us."

Anastasia, SAB

"Baltic Sandbox is probably the only accelerator I know that is so involved in each startup’s project and puts so much effort to ensure successful results. Apart from mentors from various EU countries, the accelerator offers opportunities to showcase your product at international events. Moreover, we received extremely valuable mentorship from investors.
Accelerator's advisors provided a very generous amount of support as if they were available 24/7. On various occasions we stayed in the office until midnight while mastering our pitch together with them. What’s notable is that mentors are successful entrepreneurs themselves, who were very generous in sharing their knowledge and expertise with us. We’re extremely grateful for such high level of professionalism as well as dedication from the mentors and the entire BSB team."

Renat, SIMB

"If you want your product and business assumptions challenged, pitch deck polished, presentation skills dramatically improved, and on the top of that, a load of useful connections, then Baltic Sandbox is the place to go."


"Baltic Sandbox team managed to attract strong mentors which helped us a lot with our company positioning, preparing professional pitch deck to investors and preparing for investor meetings. Also we got useful advice with branding, marketing and communications. We are very happy about our decision to participate in Baltic Sandbox acceleration program"

Veronika, MAY24

"Baltic Sandbox became our guide to the European world of business - they helped us to understand legal and economic intricacies, as well as the perception of our product in this market. During these two months of work, we received a huge amount of knowledge! And now we continue to work with the active assistance of mentors! Thanks, Baltic Sandbox!"

Shahlar, HealthiStory

"Baltic Sandbox is a very user-friendly accelerator which creates opportunities for startups. This accelerator is very helpful in the business growth process as it provides support with experienced mentors from various EU countries. It is perfect for those who wish to enter the EU market easily. As Baltic Sandbox takes part in project development they ensure that the presentation and the product are fully polished."

Hossein, Chatiz

"I am really satisfied with Baltic Sandbox services. They helped me from the beginning. I was struggling with visa issues and they were very nice and professional helping me get a visa. I missed the classes because of visa issue but they made an exception for me and they gave me all the classes online and taught me online and I know it well that it was against their rules and I am so grateful for giving me this opportunity to participate in the courses and learn from them."

Alex, MyMusicTravel

"We consider the spent 8 weeks to be very productive. During this time, we got acquainted with various technologies in management, marketing, business, adjusted our plans according to the determined new realities, and also made numerous new connections and contacts in many countries of Europe and the USA.
I would compare the process with a rocket: we started from the planet Earth instantly and quickly move forward to the goal."


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