Representative Baltic Sandbox office in Ukraine is driven by a mission to help startups use their potential within the European ecosystem 



We are a group of innovation-driven individuals who share the same passions: creating an impact on societal problems and forming lasting friendships with the same-minded people to build an impact together.    

Ukraine has a thriving and welcoming startup ecosystem representing many innovative entrepreneurs who generate promising ideas every year. Baltic Sandbox Ukraine aims to help Ukrainian startup founders boost their growth journey within educational and networking startup events as well as mentorship sessions. 

According to Startup Ecosystem Rankings 2020, Ukraine is in the top 30 startup-friendly countries globally, also Kyiv shapes its name as a European startup hub. 


Learning opportunities. We run multiple startup events and programs that aim to sharpen startup founders' competencies within different startup ecosystem topics. Also, prepare them to attract the investors' attention.  

 Mentorship. We make sure your startup gets the needed support from hand-picked mentors globally. We have already raised a community of +50 professional mentors who are ready to help your startup grow.  

Networking. Proper connections are crucial to successful business growth, either you are an early-stage or Series A startup. Even if we are not experts in rocket science, we will do everything to connect you with someone who knows how to build a rocket. 

 Family. Baltic Sandbox Ukraine is not just a startup community. We are family members who are always ready to listen, give advice and grow together in the striving Ukrainian startup ecosystem.  



Baltic Sandbox is a value acceleration partner for the Eastern European startups seeking the transition to the Western European markets. Baltic Sandbox is also a startup accelerator, ecosystem builder and educational platform for the EU venture market.


Are you a Ukrainian startup founder who wants to explore the thrilling world of innovation and growth? Feel free to contact us at We will be happy to discuss our collaboration details with you.