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Baltic Sandbox is a Vilnius-based startup accelerator primarily focused on growing FinTech, SaaS, and Deep Tech startups.

Baltic Sandbox Accelerator

Baltic Sandbox accelerator helps founders of seed stage startups to develop their startups in EU and USA.

We run 8-weeks acceleration programs with 12 months post program. Daily sessions with experienced mentors and market experts are helping startups to tailor their product, pitch, business model, and create a powerful international network.

Weekly meetings with investors, who are deeply involved in the acceleration process, make products ready for smart funding.

Collaboration with corporate and governmental partners offers startups soft-launch opportunities and co-investment options.

Our media and event partners help startups to become more visible in the EU, North American, and Asian markets. Startups get legal support, as a part of the program.

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Baltic Sandbox ecosystem

We help founders of pre-seed and seed stage startups to develop their startups in EU and USA. We provide connections, knowledge, expertise from global mentors, and investment opportunities. 



From all over the world



Well-known industry experts


Enterprise Partners

Global corporations from EU and USA


Community partners

EU and USA tech media, event, and community

Our ecosystem combines mentors, investors, corporates, industry experts, govermnmentals, and non-profits who share our values and passion for startups.

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