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Baltic Sandbox Ventures

Baltic Sandbox Ventures is an early-stage VC dedicated to developing the Deep Tech and Life Science ecosystem in the Baltic region. Our focus is on early-stage individuals and teams that are engaged in research and development and are seeking to address complex technical challenges with significant potential for commercial applications.

Startuolis project

”Startuolis” is a project uniting VC, accelerators and other interested parties to support and improve innovation ecosystem. Our aim during “Startuolis” project - find all of the bright minds of Deep Tech & Life Science in Lithuania, more specifically in Kaunas, Panevežys, Šiauliai and Klaipėda counties. During this project we are seeking to teach, mentor and help more Lithuanian innovators to brake the ice and step that first step towards becoming a future unicorn! Stay tuned, maybe something magical will happen!

Silvertech Acceleration Program

The Silvertech Acceleration Program is created to support the EU-based founders who are building various solutions for senior citizens. Travel services, dating apps, sport, meditation, delivery, education, jobs, recreation, medical care – everything that allows our parents and grandparents to become a part of the digital world, to maintain their mental and physical health, and to make them feel happier and live a healthier life.

Business Angel School

Discover Business Angel School: Empowering Entrepreneurs in Angel Investments

Our comprehensive programs combines workshops, expert insights, pitch events, mentorship, and individual sessions to provide entrepreneurs with real practical experience and invaluable knowledge, and are suited for beginners investors and for experienced angels.

Through rich networking opportunities with founders and investors across the EU and US, participants can start building their first portfolio and forming partnerships right away, and get an access to special deals throughout our partnership network.

Women In Tech

Diversity doesn’t just matter. It also pays off in higher returns. According to the latest studies by PwC and BCG, startups led by female founders or co-founders perform 10% – 35% better over time and more likely to have IPOs and profitable acquisitions, despite being comparatively underfunded. We believe in Women in Tech and do our best to empower them.

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