Value Acceleration Partner for the Eastern European Startups

Baltic Sandbox is a sustainable value acceleration partner for the Eastern European startups seeking the transition to the Western European markets.

We are primarily working with startups from various industries addressing responsible consumption societal problems, UN sustainability goals, and the digital economy.

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Growth Weeks 2020

Due to the existing mobility and social distancing recommendations, we organize our Growth Weeks online until December 2020, although we are keeping a positive spirit!

Stay tuned for the upcoming Baltic Sandbox Growth Weeks in 2021!

HR&ED Tech Acceleration Program

In collaboration with the HR&ED Tech Accelerator, we launch a life-changing 8-week program to help HR-Tech, and ED-Tech startups to deliver a front-runner product or service to the EU market.

The most promising startups will receive up to $200.000 in funding. Also, selected startups will have a chance to introduce their front-runner products at the most significant 2020-2021 conferences and pitch to the media.


2020 Business Angel School

The perfect storm at the startup market won’t last forever – already in Fall’20, we will see new deals and new market leaders. What do the experts think about the startup market? What are the opportunities and threats for angel investors? Join our angel school to find out!

Women in Tech

Diversity doesn’t just matter, it also pays off in higher returns. According to the latest studies by PwC and BCG, startups led by female founders or co-founders perform 10% – 35% better over time and more likely to have IPOs and profitable acquisitions, despite being comparatively underfunded. We believe in Women in Tech and do our best to empower them.

Startups to Watch in 2020

Meet some of our incredible portfolio companies that bring positive value and unique projects to the startup ecosystem.


What DeepTech and skincare could likely have in common?

All of it, if you are a brilliant team who launched a data-driven and AI-powered skin diagnostic service combined with a home-delivered personalized skincare kit. Learn more about Openface from Kris, Natalia, and Dina.

“Baltic Sandbox is not a typical accelerator, they are rather a partner that helps you to grow. The acceleration program takes place in Lithuania and includes mentors, investors, and industry experts. Additionally to this, Baltic Sandbox is running side events and pitching sessions at different international conferences.

We are happy with our partnership. Baltic Sandbox helped us to figure out the EU markets, legal questions, networking, and fundraising. After pitching at different events, talking to mentors and investors, we feel much more confident.

Sometimes, it feels like that startups founded in Russia don't understand how to enter the EU markets: where to start, how to scale, how not to burn money. Baltic Sandbox turned out to be our point of entry.”


Is it even possible to disrupt the pet food industry? Yes, if you truly love pets, care about them, and combine it with the scientific approach.

Meet Mindaugas and Agota from ZENOO – personalized RAW food subscription service for our best friends.

“I’m Mindaugas Krisciunas, one of the founders of the ZENOO brand. In times of digital age, together with Agota Jakutyte, who has extensive experience with physical products and brands, we have decided to launch a kind of traditional product and service. 

Also, we have joined by the most advanced scientists to find a  perfect formula for healthy dog food. We applied the best technologies for our clients to be able to subscribe to the product online and get the best food that there is for their best four-legged friends without any headaches.

Even the idea of ZENOO sounds simple, unfortunately, the reality is much more complicated – in the traditional production chain, we add marketing, then we add sales, then we add an element of the perfect client service, then we place all of this online and offline - startup instantly becomes a complicated business to work in.

The team of the Baltic Sandbox has jumped into our project on day one, brought the wide network of mentors, advisors, they haven't count any minute that they spent on our project.

Baltic Sandbox offers a real hand-on and problem-solving approach. Whatever happens, Baltic Sandbox is here to support. It helps to move further, try harder, and believe that if there will be a challenge to solve, we will not be alone in this game. Combined, it makes us an A TEAM. We're looking forward to what the next months will bring us. And we will figure it out.”


What do you think when you hear the word “procurement”?

Outdated and expensive ERP systems?

Imagine a convenient eProcurement solution that gives you more control over your spendings combined with suppliers management solution. It’s called ViaCorex and brought to market by Julius and his team.

“If I had to tell you about our experience with Baltic Sandbox in a few words, I’d definitely mention – the family, friends, and full support.

With Baltic Sandbox, I have extremely widened my both work, and personal contacts not only in Lithuania, where we operate, but also worldwide. We have traveled to numerous international events and conferences in the Baltics and Europe.

If we ever need any introduction, it is always a matter of asking Baltic Sandbox for a bit of advice.

The Baltic Sandbox team became our real friends. We became friends with all of the teams from other startups.

We didn’t even expect that such a thing as an acceleration program would turn out into such a level of support, attention, and problem-solving actions.”


What comes to your mind when you hear the “yacht booking platform”? An exceptional and extra-expensive vacation option? Not if you ask the professional captains.

Yachts are their everyday life, and there are more such people in the world that you can imagine. Meet Dima and Max – co-founders of Searadar – a marketplace for professional captains where they book yachts globally.

“We were looking for a partner to launch at the EU markets, to get new clients, as well as the EU investors. Our founding team had a great experience in launching and developing different businesses, however, this experience was limited to the CIS markets. We understood that we have to build our EU business from scratch and we could benefit a lot from the right partner.

It turned out too good to be true – we didn’t just find a single partner but the whole Baltic Sandbox team.

What did we get? A huge network and investors pipeline – in just one year we met most of the opinion leaders in the EU venture industry, got plenty of hours of mentorship on marketing, strategy, etc. from the industry experts. We packaged our startup into the investable products and acquired new customers from the EU. Thank you, guys!”

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